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Bethlehem Advanced Materials Bethlehem Corporation


BAM designs and manufactures specialty high-temperature furnaces that are used for the processing and manufacturing of a wide variety of advanced materials such as carbon and graphite fiber, carbon graphite composites, carbon and graphite structures, ceramic powders and ceramic composites. In addition, BAM processes specialty carbon, graphite and ceramic materials for semiconductor and aerospace, primarilv for use in commercial aircraft braking systems applications.

BAM is also involved in commercial process and product development of advanced materials as well as being engaged in three primary lines of business involving high temperature furnaces the processing of advanced specialty materials;

  • Furnace Manufacturing - design / engineering, manufacturing and installation of specialty high temperature furnace systems.
  • Toll Processing-contract heat treating and thermal processing of specialty materials.
  • Commercial Product and Process Development--utilization of the company's own furnaces, technology and expertise to commercialize new applications and products for its own use and in conjunction with customers in order to enhance their processes and applications.

BAM designs and manufactures custom high-temperature furnace systems for customer sales and for its own use at the Company's Knoxville, Tennessee facility. BAM's furnaces typically have custom design components, such as continuous and batch loading systems, parallel plate heating systems and advanced temperature control features. BAM's furnaces have the potential to provide added value to its customers, which results in higher product yield, more throughput due to more efficient heating and cooling cycles and enhanced energy savings. A BAM furnace is designed in accordance with an individual customer's materials processing requirements, rather than according to fixed designs, and with a view to minimizing the need for the customer to modify its process in order to match the furnace design.

In addition to selling to furnaces to customers, BAM uses its furnaces to provide toll firing services for its customers. Customers of BAM whether a furnace purchaser or on a tolling basis, are typically manufacturers of carbon graphite structures, composites, powders and fibers, as well as manufactures of non-oxide ceramics, such as silicon carbide or silicon nitride or other advanced ceramic structures.

BAM currently serves specialty markets which include carbonization and graphitization of carbon aircraft brakes, halogen purification of semiconductor grade graphite materials as well as special ceramic coating systems for semiconductor processing.

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